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American Institute of Kenpo Attack category shield and Instructors.

AIK Certified Instructors & Leaders

The American Institute of Kenpo has an ongoing Instructor Training Program to keep all of our Instructors ready to serve you. Participation in regularly scheduled training class that include martial training, communication skill development, class management, safety procedures, and CPR/First Aid training (and Certification) is mandatory for all instructors.

In addition to our Certified Instructing Staff, the American Institute of Kenpo has an ongoing Leadership Program for Students younger than 14 years old. Our leaders assist and train our youth and junior students under the direct supervision of our certified instructing staff. Our Leadership Program allows us to cultivates necessary skills and abilities in the next generation of exceptional instructors while they enhance the training environment in the present.

Click on the individuals below to learn more about the American Institute of Kenpo’s Instructors and Leaders.

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