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Oleg Cohen

Certified Instructor Information

Class Assistant
2023 Started Teaching

Record of Martial Rank

2023 Senior 3° Black Belt
2020 Senior 2° Black Belt
2017 Senior 1° Black Belt
1996 Started Training

Instructor Bio

Oleg started his martial arts training in 1996 at Kum Sung Martial Arts, a small Tae Kwon Do dojo in Middletown, NJ. After earning his red belt in Tae Kwon Do, Oleg moved to live in London, UK, where in 1999 he was first introduced to Ed Parker's American Kenpo. Oleg became very intrigued by the style and decided to pursue his Kenpo training.

Upon returning to the US and settling in Massachusetts in 2000, Oleg started his American Kenpo training at Callahan's Karate Studio located in Bedford, MA. He advanced to the purple belt, but stopped training due to another move. Over the years Oleg attempted a few times to get back to his martial arts training, but wasn't successful until rejoining Callahan's Karate in January 2016.

Oleg earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in November 2017 and was promoted to his current 2nd Degree Black Belt rank in June 2020.

Upon moving with his family to Tucson, AZ, Oleg immediately joined AIK in August of 2021. Oleg and his son, Sam were fortunate to have found Mr. Pilch's AIK dojo so close to their new home and were very happy to join the AIK family.

In March of 2023 Oleg joined AIK's Instructor and Leadership Program. He is passionate about his own training and development as well as assisting his fellow students in their Martial Arts journey.

Oleg other interests include Self-Defense Training and Teaching. After earning his 1st Degree Black Belt, Oleg developed an extensive Self-Defense course for teanagers and successfully taught classes in Massachusetts and later as part of the enrichment program at Gregory School in Tucson.

The American Institute of Kenpo is grateful to have some one as seasoned and capable as Oleg on our teaching team.

~ Last Updated 7/12/2023

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