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Now Booking New Student Orientation Class Appointments:

  • Youth Ranks (4-7yr)

Early February 2023

  • Junior Ranks (7-14yr)

Mid March 2023

  • Senior Ranks 

Mid March 2023


Make sure to Refresh/Reload the website to see the most current information!

New Student Special

This program is for all ages and all fitness levels, designed to improve coordination, strength, and flexibility.

$125 (Reg. $435) - An Orientation Classes, and a Uniform, Six Weeks of Martial Arts Classes (For One Student)

$195 (Reg. $618) - An Orientation Classes, Two Uniforms, Six Weeks of Martial Arts Classes

(For Two Students)


Our New Student Special is offered exclusively through Groupon. If you or one of your family members are interested in exploring how Kenpo Karate can be a positive part of your life then all you need to do is:


  • Purchase the Groupon special.

  • Call to schedule your Orientation Class.

  • Fill out the New Student Application and return it before the day of your Orientation Class.

  • Show up on time for your Orientation Class and begin the journey towards achieving your Black Belt.


What does the New Student Special include?

1) Orientation Class: $120 Value

Before joining the new student classes, you will receive an orientation class with an AIK certified senior instructor. Your first class will take about one hour. During the first 30 minutes, you will receive instruction in the fundamental stances, kicks, punches, and the proper code of conduct for responsible training. The last 30 minutes will be spent going over our program and answering any additional questions you may have.


2) Uniform: $45 Value Each

You will receive your personal uniform at the end of the orientation class. So, for your orientation class, wear something you will be comfortable training in, such as shorts and t-shirt. All uniforms are brand new. 

3) Six Weeks of Classes: $270-$408 Value

For the next six weeks, you will be able to enroll in and attend two of our weekly classes for new students. 

New Student Class Schedule

Kenpo Class

Youth (4-7yr)

Junior (7-14yr)

Senior (14yr+)


















Note, Limited space available in:

Monday 4:45pm Classes (4 Openings)

Monday 7:30pm Classes (5 Openings)

Tuesday 4:45pm Classes (4 Openings)

Tuesday 6:00pm Classes (4 Openings)

Thursday 4:45pm Classes (11 Openings)

Thursday 7:30pm Classes (2 Openings)

Friday 4:45pm Classes (7 Openings)

Friday 6:00pm Classes (7 Openings)

~ Last Updated 1/30/2023 at 1:30am.

Make sure to Refresh/Reload the website to see the most current information!

A full description of our available classes can be found in the Schedule section of this website. Make sure to refresh the page to see the current class status.


~ Trinity Johnson

The AIK family has been the light in my life ever since I moved to Arizona at the end of my eighth grade year. I didn’t know anyone but I had my orientation class the second day in this new city. My brother and I clicked so well at this dojo that it was a relief to have found a new place to continue to train in martial arts. My dad even joined the following year.

I had this place to get me through all four years of high school and they have given me a home I didn’t even know I needed. This place has been my safe space and a place to push myself to be the best version of me possible. Even through Covid, classes took place over Zoom, but the teachers still made you feel special and a part of a family. Through any fear, anger, sadness, or anything rough going on in my life it was a place to keep me grounded. I have felt that those with more experience than me have taken me under their wings and helped me grow into the woman I am today. If you decide to join, know that this dojo will become a home and the people in it will treat you as part of their family.

~Patti Racina

My son began as a “little dragon” (youth program) during first grade. The classes were fun, but structured, and he was excited to learn and advance in the ranks. We noted an improvement in his ability to focus in school, which helped his grades and his confidence. As he has transitioned into the junior classes, he continues to enjoy the instruction, including how it continues to be challenging as he progresses.

The entire staff at AIK have always been available if needed for additional one-on-one instruction. They are skilled at working with a variety of different kids. AIK worked through the pandemic, by posting online supplemental material and teaching classes via Zoom (which is still ongoing). I highly recommend the American Institute of Kenpo to any parent considering it for their child. They are a dedicated staff that will instill great core values and train your child in karate.

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