Extended Orientation Class

This video is an Extended Orientation Class taught by 7th Degree Kenpo Black Belt (Senior Professor of the Arts) Andrew Pilch. In this video you will learn about the basic AIK class structure, the basics of the fighting stance, the different ranges of combat, basic striking, and an example of how techniques (structured patterns) are used to teach theories, concepts, and principles.

Chapter Mark List

00:14  Self-Defense

03:46  AIK Creed & Affirmations (Flag)

05:59  AIK Creed & Affirmations (Goals)

07:59  AIK Creed & Affirmations (LAWS)

11:51  AIK Creed & Affirmations (Honor)

13:16  AIK Standard Warm Up

16:43  Stance Fundamentals

25:18  Long Range (Front Kick)

29:56  Long Range (Side Kick)

32:25  Mid Range Strikes (Roundhouse Kick)

35:51  Mid Range Strikes (Straight Punch)

43:39  Short Range Strikes (Knee)

46:10  Short Range Strikes (Elbow)

48:20  Countering Hawk

56:36  Reflection & End Of Class

Training Disclaimer

The American Institute of Kenpo (AIK) strongly recommends that all training be overseen by experienced and qualified instructors. Individuals choosing to train without the recommended oversight assume full liability for any and all injuries. In addition, those individuals engaging in training without the oversight of the American Institute of Kenpo’s (AIK’s) certified instructors will be doing so with the understanding and acknowledgment that they are waving subrogation and holding harmless the American Institute of Kenpo (AIK), it's members, and affiliates.