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The American Institute of Kenpo provides additional training outside of the normal curriculum in the form of seminars. Information on upcoming seminars can be found here as information becomes available. 


Pictures of the seminars will be posted to the gallery after each event!

2024 Winter Training Camp

Seminar Requirements:

A willingness to learn!



Saturday, December 14th, 2024



Senior Ranks (14+)

9:00am to 12:00pm




 Openings Available

Junior Ranks (7-13yr.)

2:00pm to 3:00pm




 Openings Available

Last Updated On

July 22nd, 2024

12:00 PM


The American Institute of Kenpo

7320 N. La Cholla Blvd. #164

Tucson, AZ 85741


Senior Ranks (14+): $125

Junior Ranks (7-13yr.): $65

Camp Shirt: $40


Featured Teachers:

Architects of the Paxtial Arts

Ed & Baer Parker

Life is complicated. There are times when violent solutions may be necessary, however the majority of our time is spent in a state of being where we are actively working to cultivate peace in our life. The transition form peace to violence can happen in an instant, but it is not uncommon that such transitions take enough time that we have the option to stop the escalation of things and can avoid having to respond with violence.

Peace Keeper & Peace Maker
Peace can oftentimes times be reestablished by a peace keeper through the uses of intentional violence to break their opposition in a manner that results in a win/lose outcome.  

A peace maker has the skills to deal with violence in such a way that their opposition is not left physical broken, unconscious, or dead. The results of this is oftentimes a win/win outcome for Bothe parties involved.

Would you rather be a peace keeper or a peace maker when dealing with your “drunk uncle Bob”, your raging teenager, or your friend playing excessively rough with you?

The Paxtial Arts
In martial arts we often times start by training the skills of the peace keeper. As skills are developed we should have the confidence and capabilities to integrate the peace makers abilities and ethos.

A trained Paxtial Artist  can continuously collapse a human structure with a feathered touch applied and within certain windows of timing, proper angle, and positions. There is no striking or restraining, only a collapsing of your opponent until he or she tires, may be reasoned with, or until others can offer assistance by helping to diffuse the situation.

Join us this December as Mr. And Mrs. Parker explore the ways of the peace maker and how Paxtial Arts can be of use to you.

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