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~ Last Updated 4/15/2024

American Institute of Kenpo Newsletter notepad and pen

Featured In The Shop

This week in our product line, we are featuring our Women's Tank Top, Adult Tank Top, and our Muscle Shirt.

Women's Tank Top:
This body-hugging tank top is a must-have!

Adult Tank Top:
A classic, staple tank top. A timeless classic intended for anyone looking for great quality and softness.

Muscle Shirt:
This soft, sleeveless tank is so comfy you're going to want to wear it everywhere, be it on your couch, out on a walk, or during a yoga class. The relaxed fit and low-cut armholes gives it a casual, urban look.

Honor Artwork:
This week I have chosen to spotlight the Honor Artwork. As with all of our Curriculum Artwork designed for us by Ed Parker Jr., this stylish artwork is more than just a fancy design. Honor, in our system of Kenpo, is our naming convention's key word used to identify a handshake.

The competitors torch is used in this piece of art as a reminder that we should be honorable in how e apply all out manners, to include how we shake hands. Should someone choose to challenge us with abusive behaviors, like a dishonorable hand shake, then they will learn that the competitors touch carries a fire that will shin a light on their poor decision.

All shirts are available in the Web Shop!

Training Resources

We have been working hard to update our process and videos specifically for each rank group. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to release the updated training resources.


Please remember that static resources cannot replace the dynamic interaction, and resulting student growth, that can be achieved by having proper student and instructor interaction. 


Currently being taught in class Manuals & Video links:

Next Belt Test Dates

Youth Ranks 4-7yr.
(Apr. 22nd to Apr. 26th, 2024)

Junior Ranks 7-14yr.
(Jun. 17th to Jun. 21st, 2024)

Senior Ranks 14yr.+
(Jun. 17th to Jun. 21st, 2024)

Junior & Senior Black Belt Test
(Jun. 22nd, 2024)

For students on a standard enrollment, all rank appropriate belt testing on our Schedule are included at no additional cost with the exception of the Junior and Senior Black Belt ranks.

Kids Night Out & Parents Night Off
(May 11th, 2024)

Kids Night Out & Parents Night Off is one of our favorite events for both our younger students and their parents!

Kids Night Out & Parents Night Off includes an evening of entertainment, pizza, and games. Students are welcome to bring friends and family.

Additional information regarding this exciting event can be found on our Kids Night Out & Parents Night Off event page.

Smart Girl Self Defense Classes

In the summer of 2023 a team of AIK Instructors made a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico to work with Heather and Mike Winkeljohn (AIK Linage) to bringing the Smart Girl Self-Defense classes to Tucson, Arizona

Distance, Time, Safety Class
(Jun. 8th, 2024)

On February 3rd we will be offering the Distance, Time, Safety class. After the first time you attend this class you are welcome ot attend (by reservation and space allowing) any future Distance, Time, Safety classes as refresher at no additional cost.

If you are a female (and/or your female family and friends) are interested in learning more about this program, let us know and we will add you to the notification list.

T-Shirt Season
(Nov. 1st through Mar. 31st)

Full Uniform Season (November 1st through March 31st)

During the cooler months Students need to wear a full uniform to participate in classes.

T- Shirt Season (April 1st through October 31st)

Due to the heat in Arizona the American Institute of Kenpo gives our students the option to wear either a full uniform or an AIK T-Shirt for the summer. This starts on the 1st of April (No Joke!). To avoid inappropriate shirts from coming into the school and to bypass having to arbitrate what is reasonable to wear and what is not we have the following requirements for shirts/dress code to be used for the T-Shirt Season:

  1. The shirt must be one of the AIK shirts.​​​

  2. The shirt must be a T-Shirt.

    • No Tank Tops

    • No Muscle ​Shirts

    • No Crop Tops

  3. Uniform bottoms and rank belt are required.

  4. T-Shirt must be tucked in.

We have standard AIK shirts available at the front desk for $25 plus tax and the full line of premium apparel starting a $35 a shirt available in the shop.

Winter Training Camp
(Dec. 14th, 2024)

The American Institute of Kenpo provides additional training outside of the normal curriculum in the form of seminars. Information on upcoming seminars can be found here as information becomes available.

Awards Banquet
(Dec. 14th, 2024)

Once a year The American Institute of Kenpo hosts a social evening where we recognize our students that have shown outstanding effort and martial performance for that year.

CPR & First Aid
(Feb. 8th, 2025)

This class is taught by Lee Muscarella, a Battalion Chief with Golder Ranch Fire District, and his son Shay Muscarella who are both senior AIK Black Belt. In addition to being senior AIK Black Belts, these two exceptional men are fire fighters, paramedics, and comedians (or at least they think they are). For decades these men have been providing valuable life saving training to our instructors, friends, and families.

Website Updates

Make sure to Refresh/Reload the website to make sure all updates appear!

Updated Last Week

  • Current Active/Pending Projects​​

    • Advanced Forms

      1. None this week

    • Instructor & Leadership Training Program​​ added modules

      1. General set up for the Loyalty class

      2. Typos and content clarification

  • Website​​​

    • Added new student application

    • working on Smart Girl Self Defense Registration Form

    • General broken links and typos fixed

Manuals & Videos Project Map:

  • Phase 1: Initial resources through 1st Degree black belt. (Complete!)

    1. Create detailed text documentation for:

      • All charted techniques 1st degree black belt and under (Complete!)

      • All sets under black belt (Complete!)

      • All intermediate rank forms (Complete!)

      • Tanaka 24 Count (Complete!)

    2. General attack pattern text documentation for:

      • All advanced rank forms (Complete!)

    3. 4K HDR Training Videos:

      • Pattern videos for all charted techniques (Complete!)

      • Pattern videos for all charted sets and forms for 1st degree black belt and under Complete!)

  • Phase 2: Full charted resource update and completion. (In Process)

    1. Create detailed text documentation for:

      • All advance rank and black belt forms (In Process)

    2. 4K HDR (or better) Training Videos: (Starting December 2023)

      • Update pattern videos for all charted techniques

      • Update pattern videos for all charted sets and forms for 1st degree black belt and under

      • Pattern videos for all black belt forms

      • Stripe Test Review videos

      • Teaching videos for all charted techniques

      • Teaching videos for all charted sets and forms

  • Phase 3: Uncharted resources.

    1. Create detailed text documentation for:

      • All uncharted techniques

      • All uncharted sets and forms

    2. 4K HDR (or better) Training Videos:

      • Pattern videos for all uncharted techniques

      • Pattern videos for all sets and forms

      • Teaching videos for all uncharted techniques

      • Teaching videos for all sets and forms

Instructor & Leader Training Project Map:

  • Project: (In Process)

    1. Tool development:

      • General resource linking page (Complete!)

      • Create study guide and link it to the login account (Complete!)

    2. Instructor & Leader training rotational resources:

      • Truth (Complete!)

      • Bravery (Complete!)

      • Courtesy (In Process)

      • Compassion

      • Sincerity

      • Discernment (Complete!)

      • Loyalty (Complete!)


If you find any issues on the website please let us know!

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