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American Institute of Kenpo Think On This, martial artist and gavel

Think On This...

Over the years The American Institute of Kenpo’s staff has had to discuss and address difficult concepts and suppositions. AIK will be working post content here designed to get both new and advanced students thinking. 


Information in this section is not intended as, nor should it be taken as, legal advice. Any situations referencing personal experience does not guarantee a similar or replaceable experience. Thoughts and beliefs expressed here are not designed to be instructional nor a recipe for action to be taken. This section is only intended to give you ideas and philosophy to think on and evaluate in regards to your own process for dealing with difficult situations.


If there is anything you are wondering about please contact us. We are always excited to answer questions and add to the knowledge base available to those seeking to expand their understanding of The American Institute of Kenpo and the Martial arts.


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