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Support & Help AIK

It is the American Institute of Kenpo’s goal to provide industry leading training and resources for our students and the Kenpo community. It’s only with the help of our instructing staff, students, families, friends, and community that we can continue to innovate and pass on our art.

What Does AIK Need Support And Help With?

Resource Development

Over the years, the American Institute of Kenpo has produced and made available training videos, manuals, and countless other resources. We are always evaluating those resources and taking into account feedback from our students. This is a time consuming process that takes funding for the proper equipment and software. 



There are always those students which have a passion for the martial arts that run into hard times. The American Institute of Kenpo sets aside funds every year to help those students in hard time situations so that they can continue to pursue their martial studies as they get back up on their feet. Though we would love to be able to provide free training for everyone that wants to pursue the marital arts, the reality of general overhead for operating a business makes that an impossibility.

How Can You Support And Help AIK?

There are many ways you can help and support AIK.


Firstly, you can join the American Institute of Kenpo on the mats and become a student of the arts. Student tuition is the primary source of investment capital used for our resource development. 


Secondly, you can purchase merchandise, equipment, and art prints form the American Institute of Kenpo. Most artwork you find on our website is available for purchase. This is the primary source for our scholarships which allows us to help those less fortunate reestablish their footing.


Lastly, you can always make a generous donation. Though donations are always appreciated, we would prefer to exchange value for value through the purchasing of merchandise, equipment, and art prints from the American Institute of Kenpo.


We will always welcome any other forms of support and help you would be willing to offer.


Please contact the American Institute of Kenpo if you would like to support our endeavors. 


Thank you in advance,


Andrew Pilch

AIK Founder

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