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Black Belt Testing

Achieving a Black Belt is a monumental event to be certain! The American Institute of Kenpo provides the opportunity to achieve this goal within all three of our programs based upon age, ability, and maturity within the art of Kenpo. 


For the youngest children, The Kenpo Youth Black Belt Program provides guidance in proper behavior, focus, order of operation analysis, and entry level martial arts.


In addition to exposure to a traditional value base and a positive character development program, the Junior Black Belt levels provide sound basics and martial arts fundamentals for the students in this age group.


The Senior Kenpo Black Belt levels deliver The American Institute of Kenpo's entire Kenpo System. The depth and scope of training (and maturity in rank) sets our Senior Black Belts on the path of permanent refinement, not only of themselves but also the art of Kenpo they are actively training.

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~ Last Updated 3/13/2023

Event Information

The American Institute of Kenpo has three black belt tests a year for our Junior and Senior ranks. Senior black belts testing for ranks above 1st degree are only tested in the June Belt Tests. Below are the Black Belt candidates that are eligible for testing this year.

June 24th, 2023 Test

Senior 3rd Degree Candidates:

Amy Trujillo

Madelynn Bernal-Herrera

Mario Trujillo

Micah Terpstra

Oleg Cohen

Senior 2nd Degree Candidates:

Trinity Johnson 

Junior 5th Degree Candidates:

Hayden Trujillo

Junior 2nd Degree Candidates:

Genevieve Ryles

Madison Ball

Xander Chermside

Junior 1st Degree Candidates:

Cooper Cadin

Delany Huynh

Leah Longfellow

Matthew Longfellow

October 21st, 2023 Test

Senior 1st Degree Candidates:

Alysia Jones

Junior 2nd Degree Candidates:

Emma Villarreal

Junior 1st Degree Candidates:

Austin Sweeney

Emmett Sohl

Sara Sohl

March 2nd, 2024 Test

Senior 1st Degree Candidates:

Graham Jacob

Jodi Wieschowski

William Bennett

Junior 1st Degree Candidates:

Joseph Daniels

Phoenix Contreras

Sophia Robinson

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