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American Institute of Kenpo Tiger and Dragon Karate For All Ages

General Information

The American Institute of Kenpo is dedicated to refining and providing superior resources and training for our students and affiliates in the following three areas: 

A - Access

These are our Static Resources which include, but are not limited to, our web content, manuals, training videos, and charted curriculum.


I - Interaction

This is the verbal and visual feedback provided by our certified instructors. This feedback can be received by students participating in our Zoom classes or through in-person training. This allows our certified instructors to mentor our students and provide guidance to them in order to assist them with their understanding of the material being presented.


K - Kinetic

This is the physical interaction with others allowing our students to see how the theories, concepts, and principles they are learning can be employed in the physical realm of reality to defend themselves. This level of training can be achieved by participating in our Zoom classes with a partner or through in-person training at any AIK location. Under both training options we ask that any physical interaction with another person be overseen by our staff so proper precautions can be communicated and experienced feedback can be provided in order to keep potential injuries to a minimum. 

Start Training With Us

The American Institute of Kenpo provides in-person training and supplemental Zoom access for additional training and review.


Andrew Pilch started his martial arts journey in 1986.  Along with his certified instructing staff, Mr. Pilch has been serving Northwest Tucson & Oro Valley since 1998.


Kenpo Karate is a great self-defense system and the values and benefits of training will become obvious from your very first class.


Classes are structured to serve and teach age appropriate lessons to students of all ages.


Contact or stop by the school and see for yourself!  


We look forward to working with you on your martial arts journey!  


~ Jeff Johnson

A huge thanks to the family at the American Institute of Kenpo for the many years of commitment and training. My family has been training at this dojo for over 3 years and has seen my son and daughter become black belts and more importantly - responsible adults. The staff at AIK has become a second family and it really is ALL about the people in our lives.

Martial Arts training provides confidence, discipline and leadership which is critical for success. I watched my son and daughter participate for one year before I jumped in myself and will soon test for my own black belt. They tailor the program to all levels and abilities and are very respectful of our limitations. Don't let anything prevent you from feeling that you can succeed - join AIK today.

~ The Terpstra Family

Mr. Pilch, and the staff at the American Institute of Kenpo are awesome teachers, who have impressive knowledge and experience to assist students with skills that have life-time benefits.  They possess the patience needed to teach individuals to grow and mature their skills, always challenging individuals to increase their desire to learn more.

My kids and I have enjoyed, benefited, and grown greatly from their exceptional teaching abilities. They're fun, skillful, and passionate at AIK. With humble attitudes themselves, their teaching style is very considerate, catering to our family's busy schedule and various personal abilities. We love going to class, and are truly grateful to have found Mr. Pilch and his staff.

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