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New Student Application

▻ New Student Applicant's Information

  1. Make sure to fill out all the information for each applicant.

  2. List all applicants living in the same household.

  3. If there are more than 4 applicants you will need to submit additional New Student Applications.

  • #1 Student Information

#1 Gender
  • #2 Student Information

#2 Gender
  • #3 Student Information

#3 Gender
  • #4 Student Information

#4 Gender

▻ New Student Applicant's Address

Please provide the primary residence of the applicant(s).

▻ New Student Applicant's Primary Contact Information

If the applicant(s) is under the age of 18 provide a parent’s or legal guardian’s information.

▻ New Student Applicant's Additional Contacts Information

Include any additional or emergency contacts.

  • #1 Additional Contact Information (Optional)

  • #2 Additional Contact Information (Optional)

  • #3 Additional Contact Information (Optional)

▻ New Student Special

The applicant(s) is aware of and intends to use the following coupon for the New Student Special.

Note: The New Student Special must be purchased from Fyndr or Groupon prior to attending the orientation class.

▻ Applicant's Waiver & Release Agreement

By submitting your application you acknowledge that AIK is not responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of personal property. Applicants and/or Parent/Guardian hereby stipulates that the Applicant is physically sound and that he/she has medical approval to proceed with normal routine exercise.

Note: The New Student Application needs to be submitted no later than the day prior to your Orientation Class. If the New Student Application is not submitted in a timely manner your Orientation Class is subject to being rescheduled for a later date.

For rescheduling you can reach us at (520) 744-9004.

Your Application Has Been Submitted!

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