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Mikaela Weigel

Certified Instructor Information

Certified Program Director
2010 Started Teaching

Record of Martial Rank

2019 Senior 4° Black Belt
2016 Senior 3° Black Belt
2013 Senior 2° Black Belt
2011 Senior 1° Black Belt
2009 Started Training

Instructor Bio

Mikaela Weigel started kickboxing with Mr. Pilch in 2008.  She excelled in that program and competed at the amateur levels.
After a year of watching the Kenpo Karate class her interest had been peaked and she decided to give it a go. Ms. Weigel loves structured curriculums and flourished in the Kenpo Karate program as taught by the American Institute of Kenpo.  Her ability to work with anyone, but most especially the younger kids, got The American Institute of Kenpo’s attention leading to her becoming an Instructor in 2010.
Ms. Weigel showed the skills not only in the martial arts but the maturity and communication abilities necessary to begin teaching after school programs on her own. In 2017, after teaching several after school Kenpo programs at local middle and elementary charter schools, Ms. Weigel was hired as a full time Kenpo Karate teacher for a charter school as part of their Physical Education program.
Ms. Weigel continues to be active in the advanced sparring classes and with her initial background experience in kickboxing serves as a formidable sparring partner bringing years of experience and knowledge with her. Along with kickboxing she continues to train and gain exposure to Jiu-jitsu and MMA as well.
The American Institute of Kenpo is grateful for all Ms. Weigel does for us and we are proud to have her be a part of our Kenpo family.

~ Last Updated 1/4/2022

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