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Lee Muscarella

Certified Instructor Information

Ready Reserve Instructor
Event Safety Crew
CPR Instructor
2005 Started Teaching

Record of Martial Rank

2016 Senior 4° Black Belt
2011 Senior 3° Black Belt
2009 Senior 2° Black Belt
2007 Senior 1° Black Belt
1990 Started Training

Instructor Bio

Lee Muscarella began wrestling in high school. When he went to college he wanted to continue training in some kind of physical sport. He found a taekwondo program ran by ATA and joined, training from 1990 to 1994 in that style.
After taking a 6 year break from the Martial Arts, Mr. Muscarella began his Kenpo Karate journey with the American Kenpo Karate Academy in 2000. Finding value in Kenpo he had his sons join him in his training the following year.
In 2005 Mr. Muscarella transitioned to the American Institute of Kenpo and continued on his journey to black belt. Mr. Muscarella completed that journey and received his 1st degree black belt in 2007. Mr. Muscarella has continued that journey becoming one of our senior most black belts, currently holding a 4th degree.
Mr. Muscarella regularly participates in advanced sparring classes. In those classes he continues to develop boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, and MMA fundamentals which he augments his Kenpo foundation with. His life time of experience and training makes him a great training partner and an amazing martial artist to train with.
As a first responder with the fire department Mr. Muscarella has volunteered his time on countless occasions and events to help maintain the safety of our organizations members. He is our primary CPR and First Aid certifying instructor. Having taken many CPR and First Aid classes and certifications throughout the years from him, our instructing staff all agree that Mr. Muscarella provides the most dynamic, informative, and relevant training we have found. His contributions to AIK in this area are crucial to meeting the high standard of safety for our students’ training environment which we strive for.
Mr. Muscarella is one of those individuals that has always been a part of the American Institute of Kenpo. He has served the organization loyally and without fail. It is our honor to have him be a part of all we do.

~ Last Update 1/5/2022

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