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Devonn Ryles

Certified Instructor Information

Certified Class Instructor
2020 Started Teaching

Record of Martial Rank

2022 Senior 2° Black Belt
2020 Senior 1° Black Belt
2017 Started Training

Instructor Bio

In 1995, at the age of 5, along with her father and siblings, Devonn Ryles started Kenpo Karate with the American Kenpo Karate Academy (AKKA). During her initial training period from 1995 to 2003, that AKKA school located in Tucson, Arizona underwent several lead instructor changes.

Scott Marlowe was Mrs. Ryles’ first instructor. Mr Marlow was one of Mike Winkeljohn’s black belts who also happened to be one of the primary instructors on Winkeljohn’s teaching staff at the time when Mr. Andrew Pilch started studying in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mrs. Ryles excelled and enjoyed her memorable training with Mr. Marlowe.

When Mr. Marlow had to move to take care of family matters, Vince Salvatore stepped in as lead instructor for a short while.

In late 1998 Andrew Pilch moved to Tucson and took over as the lead instructor, and a short time later went on to purchase that school to run it fully. Over the next 4 years Mrs. Ryles continued to develop her skills.

In 2003 life lead Mrs. Ryles away from her training, but she never forgot the treasure Kenpo Karate had been in her life. In 2017 Mrs. Ryles, along with her children, returned to training with the American Institute of Kenpo headed by Andrew Pilch.

Mrs. Ryles has continued to persevere through the challenges of juggling work and family life, as well as overcoming some unfortunate injuries, in order to achieve her black belt in 2020.

The American Institute of Kenpo is grateful to have a lifelong family member like Mrs. Ryles contributing back to our newer generations of up and coming black belts.

~ Last updated 8/3/2022

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