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Junior Kenpo Training Resources

The American Institute of Kenpo uses a hybrid rotational and progressional program to teach the Junior Kenpo students. Each level in the progression has 3 rotations. As the students complete each rotation they are promoted to the next rank. Once all rotations in a level are completed they progress to the next level.

Beginner Level

  • White Belts

  • Yellow Belts

  • Orange Belts

Intermediate Level

  • Purple Belts

  • Blue Belts

  • Green Belts

Advanced Level

  • 3rd Brown Belts

  • 2nd Brown Belts

  • 1st Brown Belts

The information taught in each level is taught over the course of the year. Click on a menu button to see the information being taught each rotation.

Junior Kenpo Rotation
February to June

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