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Whatever It Takes…

Whatever it Takes – is the commitment to accomplishing your goals with in the restraints of a properly administered value system such as Bushido. By promising to do “whatever it takes,” you eliminate the possibility of letting excuses stand between the person you are and the person you want to be.

Symbolism In The Art Print

In the ‘Whatever It Takes’ Art Print, you will see a hand holding a belt. The belt is white where it is being grasped representing the starting point of a journey. The belt turns to black on the ends representing the pinnacle of that journey that is often times the sole focus at the start.


As we start any endeavor we are as the white belt practitioner, our grasp of the countless factors involved are limited. It is through hard work, discipline, and perseverance that we develop the physical, mental, and emotional abilities to excel at any undertaking. 


In accordance with the effort needed to be a black belt, those that are willing to do “Whatever it Takes” to cultivate their physical, mental, and emotional abilities will develop the valuable tools to efficiently conquer the countless obstacles and difficulties they will face as they travel through life. Thus, applying the motto, “Whatever it Takes” governed by the code of bushido to all aspects of life can be greatly beneficial to all who head its essential message.


Whatever it Takes 何でもが出来る

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