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Until The Last Day…

Until the Last Day – it is important that we always strive to be a person of value, honor, and integrity every day of our life. We do not settle for less than that. It is a choice we make every single day. It is for the venerable scholar and warrior to chose to be the best they can every day they draw breath… Until and including their Last Day…

Symbolism In The Art Print

In the "Until the Last Day" Art Print, you will see a hand holding a belt. The belt is black where it is being grasped representing the pinnacle of a journey. The belt turns to white on the ends representing the understanding that the journey itself is the true value, not any given single moment.


Should a black belt stop training, do they cease to possess and suddenly lose the skills they have developed on their journey to that pinnacle of rank? Or do many of those skills carry over to countless other aspects of their lives?


The symbolism here is that we must continually be a student of life so that we can learn daily how to be a better person than we are today. We must actively live our lives with discipline until our last day. To do otherwise is to devalue all we have done and accomplished throughout our lives.


Until the Last Day 最終日まで

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