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Loyalty – is doing right by the people, values, and ethos that are beneficial to you and your society. By honoring those worthy of loyalty we cultivate ourselves and our society resulting in the healthy development of mutual beneficial respect.

Symbolism In The Art Print

In the Loyalty Art Print, you will see two Chinese Guardian Lions, often referred to as Foo Dogs by Western civilizations. These Lions are always presented in pairs, with the female representing yin and the male yang. Traditionally, they serve as a symbol of protection for those who keep them outside of their homes. These Lions are used a symbol for loyalty because we should not only protect and appreciate those we care about, but also our ethics. Values, such as those found in Bushido, form the framework of who we are. Furthermore, we should always remain loyal to these morals, tending to and maintaining them throughout our lives.


You will notice that the male and female lions are situated in different ways. The female lion is in the background, because symbolically, she loyally protects those inside the pride. She has her front paw resting on a playful cub, restraining him on his back. This represents the cycle of life from being a spunky child, to becoming a responsible adult who must look after the spunky child.


The male lion has his front paw on a type of ball, made from cloth and resembling a figure called, “The Flower of Life.” Symbolically, the male lion guards the external structure of the pride, providing protection and support from the outside. In accordance with this, the male lion is the focal point of the picture, because he represents the first line of defense. He is prepared to loyally fight any dangers or threats an outside force may pose to his morals and to those he treasures, as we should also be. Like the female lion, we should also seek to remain loyal to those closest to us within our own circle of friends and family.


Loyalty  忠義

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