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Discernment – is also known as “wisdom.” This is seeing into the heart of what a situation really is. Seeing beyond the surface presentation of a situation will allow you to make intelligent and effective decision on how to best proceed in an effective and positive manner.

Symbolism In The Art Print

In the Discernment art print, you will see a Samurai mask and a helmet. The masks that the Samurai used are known as Menpo. These were designed both to frighten enemies and to protect the warrior’s face. Special artisans would craft each mask to suit the personality and preferences of each Samurai.


The mask represents our need for discernment when dealing with people. As with the artisan, many people craft figurative masks to hide behind or to deceive those with whom they are interacting. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as forming a sense of self-protection from both perceived and real threats from others. Considering this, it takes time, effort, and oftentimes, failed discernment before one gains any aptitude at being able to effectively judge another person and see past their masks. The helmet in the art print has both the ‘AIK’ and the ‘Friends and Family’ logo on it. The helmet represents our need for discernment when we find ourselves in situations that can be harmful to ourselves, or when we are aware of something negatively affecting those we care for. The helmet reminds us that we must always carry discernment in our minds to the best of our abilities, in order to make effective decisions that will result in the best possible outcome for everyone.


Discernment  洞悉

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