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Sincerity – in when you truly believe in what you are doing. When you sincerely understand and believe in what you want accomplish your ability to commit to the the actions necessary to actualize your goal, dreams, and intent outcome. A pen sincerely used can accomplish more than the sharpest sword in the hands of someone that does not believe in the cause.

Symbolism In The Art Print

In the Sincerity art print, you will see a pen, a sword, and a red Gladiolus. Visually this is to call your attention to the classic saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”. We should sincerely apply ourselves to any task we choose to take on. To do otherwise, to engage with any level of deceit, pretense, or hypocrisy, will only diminish the outcome and by association the person. The pen represents those tasks that are inherently peaceful and productive, the scholar’s way. The way of the scholar should be mightier than the way of the sword and reflected in how we live our lives. The sword, the way of the warrior, represents those times that we must set peace aside and engage in violence, lest all we care for and value perish. This is needed in rare, short term situations to prolong one’s life or the lives of those we care about. However, we should immerse ourselves in as little violence as possible throughout our lives.  


The Gladiolus flowers represent sincerity itself in the art print. A red Gladiolus and the color red represents many things: energy, strength, power, determination, passion, desire, willpower, and courage. All of these things should exist in any action being performed with sincerity. wether we are actively engaged in the way of the scholar or the way of the warrior, we should do so with sincerity in our hearts and in our minds, so that our actions may leave a meaningful impact on those around us.


Sincerity  誠実

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