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Truth – is being honest with others, even when that honesty has unpleasant repercussions. Telling the truth is one of the earliest tests of character which is the foundation of any warrior or scholar. Those that embrace and honor truth are of value to their friends, family, and society.

Symbolism In The Art Print

In the Truth Art print, you will see two main components. The first is the Tiger. Tigers are a huge symbol in Kenpo, and in the Martial Arts, and are often used to represent strength and determination. The Tiger can also represent Truth. This is because the Tiger must be attentive to its surroundings if it hopes to survive, as it searches for both safety and its prey. In this way, the Tiger can serve as an example to us, reminding us to constantly hunt out Truths from Falsehoods.


You will see a contrast between the focused face of the Tiger and its muddled reflection in the water beneath it. This water acts as the second component in the Art print. It is in the water that the Tiger can see the reflection of itself, as well as the world around it. However, this reflection is broken by the various ripples the water creates. Therefore, the water represents how easily truth can be distorted by our filters and life experiences. In searching for truth, we must be aware of how things reflect back at us through our experiences, so that we can separate what is true from the ripples and distortions. Only then may we continue to diligently seek out the truth.


Truth  真実

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