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LaBounty Crest (Lineage)

The Shape:

The shape of the crest resembles the symbol of Edmund K. Parker's Association. This is to pay homage to Grand Master Parker's work, from which this family and lineage was born. 


The Colors:

Earthen brown represents the soil where the foot of the student is planted in reality. Red represents the forge fire, where the student will be molded to withstand mental, physical, and emotional assault, resulting in a spirit that can withstand the countless challenges of life. Orange represents the sunrise of awakening, the first step towards understanding the purpose of the journey. The blue of the endless sky represents the breakthrough of enlightenment, in which the student learns that there is no finish, just humble acceptance and understanding of the art.


The Symbol Of Change:

(inspired by the trigrams of the I Ching)

The three lines represent the stages of learning known as embryonic, mechanical, and sophisticated. The open circle represent the idea that knowledge is infinite and that we are students forever. 

The Title:

"Stephen LaBounty's American Kenpo" is not in any way an attempt to re-invent, reorganize or diminish the system of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate. It is with the Senior Grandmaster's permission in the late 1960's that this 'signature line' of Kenpo evolved. In doing so we hope to perpetuate and pass on a direct and practical defense system while staying true to Ed Parker's Kenpo.

Relation To AIK:

Sigung Stephen LaBounty is one of The American Institute of Kenpo’s lineage influences. There has been countless ways Sigung has impacted the development of AIK. You will find the LaBounty crest honored and respected by AIK in remembrance of all the value Sigung brought to our training. 

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