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There are many products available with a variety of exceptional artwork. Click on the categorized list below to narrow your selection and locate the product that is right for you!

Welcome To The Online Shop

All items in the online shop are print/create on demand products. The American Institute of Kenpo has partnered with manufactures to provide you with the opportunity to own countless products with our custom artwork. For your convince, all orders are produced when you make your order then shipped directly to you. Please Contact AIK if you have any questions regarding this process.

Online Shop | Apparel | Black Belt Test

On this page you search and find all Black Belt Test apparel products grouped by belt test.

Note: This shirt design began being used in June of 2022. If you would like a shirt design for a belt test that took place prior to 2022 Contact AIK and we will update the artwork to this design and make it viable.

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