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December 9th, 2023

Featured Teachers

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~ Last Updated 12/16/2023

Allen Henderson

  • Senior most student of the late Grand Master “Sigung” Stephen LaBounty

  • 9th Degree Kenpo Black Belt

Mr. Henderson, the senior most student of the late Grand Master “Sigung” Stephen LaBounty, has 43 years of Kenpo training experience.

He is a strong proponent of the “Rough N’ Tumble” tradition and training, which the La Bounty lineage is know for.

Master Henderson will be exploring the importance of hand speed and foot work in relation to realistic situational response.

Glenn “Scooter” Karnofsky

  • A core student to Grand Master “Sigung” Stephen LaBounty

  • 6th Degree Kenpo Black Belt

  • CEO of Dojo Toys Target Systems

Mr. Karnofsky has been training in Kenpo for 43 consecutive years with intensive focus on fighting and self-defense skills.

Mr. Karnofsky was a core student to Grand Master “Sigung” Stephen LaBounty for over 32 years up until his passing. Through Sigung, Professor Karnofsky learned the importance of hands on realism that begins in the dojo where sensible training drills and skill development are critical to success in self- defense situations.

Professor Karnofsky lives with his wife of 34 years in Lake Tahoe California where he is the owner and CEO of Dojo Toys Target Systems. Dojo Toys manufactures less lethal targets and stands for the military and law enforcement industry. Mr. Karnofsky holds a U.S. Patent for one of his target designs and has another patent pending for approval in 2023.

Training and teaching out of Reno, NV under Master Alan Henderson and his private students on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, CA, Mr. Karnofsky has directed his attention to studying the specific moments before a conflict ignites. Breaking down the triggers, body movements, positions and weapons used in an attack to craft and practice dependable responses.

Professor Karnofsky’s winter seminar will be on the “Street Blitz” attack. During his seminar he will dissect specific attacks and their limits while analyzing various responses and their limits. Mr. Karnofsky will challenge those participating to examine their thought process, build strategies for conflict through the use of scenario response training.

Seminar Reviews

~ Reviews written in December 2023

Trinity Johnson

This year’s 2023 seminar was a very informative and interesting experience. I believe my favorite drill that was done was the acting as a bad guy. This drill made you think about how someone could attack you and how you should respond. Overall a fun experience!


The 2023 Winter Training Camp with Mr. Henderson and Mr. Karnofsky was focused on real life self defense scenarios with hands on application of the concepts being taught. While there were many takeaways, I really liked the exercise of watching your body signals in the mirror before you execute a strike to help improve sparring skills and real life encounters. It was an honor and a privilege to be part of a seminar with such highly ranked and respected Kenpo instructors.


I participated in the 2023 Winter Training Camp at AIK with Master Henderson and Professor Karnofsky. I absolutely loved the experience, the materials taught, and the instructors! 

The “Street Blitz” attack part of the seminar with Professor Karnofsky was extremely revealing, educational, and, at the same time, super humbling. It is not often that we as Martial Artists get an opportunity to practice close-to-real-world attacks and self-defense strategies.

The class was engaging, fast-paced, and, no doubt, made me step out of my comfort zone and open my mind to something that I don’t usually consider or get a chance to practice. I both learned a great deal and had an opportunity to work closely with many other participants. 

The definition of self-defense as simply “Don’t get hit” and the concept of a “Verbal Punch” we practiced were very elegant and important to understand!  

The second part of the seminar with Master Henderson was important from many perspectives. Regardless of the rank, we always need to make sure that we practice the basics. The basics, such as footwork, dynamic power principles, and training drills, for the foundation of the art. We should never neglect those and practice these diligently. The seminar and the drills we practices were useful and important to remember and use later. 

The final part of the seminar with the intense 1-minuate close defense rounds were great. For me personally, it was very revealing that lasting for a whole minute in an intense altercation is not easy, even if one is good physical shape. 

One the important overarching themes of the seminar that you need to "Punch Verbally”, quickly defend with physical means, and get away as quickly as possible, was only underscored by these drills!

Mr. Pilch

As a school owner I always do my best to vet who my students are going to be working with. Both Mr. Henderson and Mr. Karnofsky are talented and exceptional martial artists, but their qualifications go so far beyond that. They are both good natured individuals that are enjoyable to be around. My students truly enjoyed being in their classes.

My favorite portion of the seminar weekend was when the children were playing the pop up drill, this is a game to see who could get up off the ground the quickest. Though Mr. Vollberg was roped into playing with many of the youth, one young lady had the courage to challenged Mr. Henderson to play with her. Mr. Henderson graciously accepted. I am not sure if it was her youthful advantage or Mr. Hendersons gracious nature (I suspect the later), but the young lady won the game. That young lady was so excited to be able to tell her friends and family that she had beat a 9th degree black belt!

Such positive experiences are priceless, there were many such moments cultivated by all the camp instructors and assistances. I want to thank Mr. Vollberg and Mr. Crehan who also assisted and participated in our seminars this year.

Thank all of you for making this an outstanding experience for my students.

Mr. Kramer

I have been studying martial arts for approximately twenty years, the majority of this time was in American Kenpo with AIK. During that time I was privileged to take some seminar classes under late Grand Master “Sigung” Stephen LaBounty. I am currently not enrolled in AIK but I was still welcome to join their school to take class in the seminar under Professor Karnofsky and Master Henderson. As soon as I found out they were teaching I wanted to sign up for the classes.

During the classes with Professor Karnofsky and Master Henderson, I experienced a similar feeling to taking class under their instructor: the late Grand Master “Sigung” Stephen LaBounty. They were able to bring a large wealth of knowledge to the classes they taught. They had a large variety of drills and scenarios to help increase our skills to apply to technique. We were given the opportunity to work on our awareness in application to self defense scenarios.

This was a great experience, and I would suggest anyone to take a seminar with either Professor Karnofsky or Master Henderson if ever given the opportunity.

Professor Karnofsky

Student of Kenpo

Thank you for the wonderful experience at your dojo in December.

The entire weekend starting on Friday night with a spirted sparring class and finishing with a fun kid's class on Saturday was a pleasure for al the guest instructors.

Our seminar on Saturday was greeted with open minds and a willingness to step out of the box while looking at our self-defense with different eyes. This is a true example of how to study the art and I commend the whole school of students and instructors for that effort.

The best teachers lead by example and that quality was on display the whole weekend. Sigung LaBounty would have been pleased.

Attending the banquet and seeing the closeness of students, teachers and parents and the joy of a year's efforts being acknowledged was priceless.

I am grateful to have been included in this family gathering.

To the many students that took part in the classes, OSS!

My hope is that you found something of value in the areas we focused on and covered.

Our 90 minuets of training just scratched the surface of this very critical area of self-defense. Thank you for the lessons Ilearned from each of you.

l'd also like to acknowledge Mr. and Mrs. Trujillo. Outstanding on the mat but even more so as human beings.

Mr. Pilch, the quality of your students and their work ethic is a direct reflection on you sir. Starting with your head instructors down to your youngest child in the program, I'd be proud to share the mat with any of them any time.

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