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December 3rd, 2022

Featured Teacher

~ Last Updated 5/23/2023

Ron Sanchez

  • Retired LAPD Captain

  • Author of The Watchman

  • 8th Degree Kenpo Black Belt

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

  • Taekwon-do Black Belt

  • TAI karate Black Belt

Mr. Sanchez can be reached at if you are intrested in scheduling a semnar with him.

Associate Master Ron Sanchez has a very extensive martial arts background and is a lethal and non-lethal use-of-force expert consultant to numerous law enforcement agencies including the California Departments of Justice. He is an 8th degree black belt in American Kenpo (Associate Master of The Arts) and one of Grand Master Bob White’s Senior students.  He also has black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwon-do, and TAI karate. He joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1975 and retired as a senior captain with 31 years of distinguished service. His assignments included undercover, patrol, physical fitness and defensive tactics instructor, Metropolitan Division, stakeouts, VIP and dignitary protection, detectives, homicide, surveillance, Internal Affairs and myriad administrative assignments.

Upon retiring from the LAPD Mr. Sanchez opened Veritas Assurance Group, Inc., which specializes in training and the evaluation of lethal and non-lethal force, high-risk audits for public safety agencies, and assisting executive management with identifying and managing their risk exposures. Mr. Sanchez served as a consultant and auditor for the Consent Decree between the Prison Law Office and the Sacramento County Probation Department. Other clients include the Pasadena Police Department, Oakland Police Department, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Hollywood Business Improvement District, Los Angeles Police Command Officers’ Association, Calexico Police Department. the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, and Evident Change (Formerly, The National Council on Crime and Delinquency).

Associate Master Ron Sanchez is a published author, and his most recent publication is The Watchman, The 12 Irrefutable Principles of Physical and Spiritual Defense. His book and this seminar will equip you with specific detailed steps to address our increasingly dangerous world with an exciting and thought-provoking collection of principles that fuses powerful, real-life stories with proven defensive tactics.

Seminar Reviews

~ Reviews written in December 2022

Trinity Johnson

The adult seminar was really informative. Mr Sanchez was a nice guy who has a lot of real world experience and wants to share his knowledge. He was very open about how he’s used martial arts in his police officer career and how he still keeps up with his training. It was very admirable to see and learn from a lifetime martial artist. No matter my career I want to also be able to continue my martial arts training. 

The talk in the first half of the adult seminar gave us a chance to ask about what or who he’s had to deal with in his life. Then we got to practice disarming people with a gun. Mr Sanchez made the seminar fun and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend the seminar for others who are interested how materials is used in actual dangerous situations.

The kids seminar was fun and worked through how to deal with bullies. Mr Sanchez made it clear that kids can be meaner than most bad guys because their words can hurt their targets greatly. He talked to the kids about how if they aren’t nice to you, then you should walk away from the situation. He talked about how you (the kids) determine your own worth the bully can’t because they obviously don’t know you.

Oleg Cohen and Sam (9 year old son)

I really enjoyed the seminar we had with Mr. Sanchez! I liked the way he was able to masterfully combine the theoretical and the hands-on aspects of the training. The subject of dealing with tough confrontational situation is of great interest to me and I think what I learned at the seminar was very important and complimentary to our regular training. I was also pretty impressed with Mr. Sanchez’s personal background and life experiences. Training with a person of his caliber was a real honor and a tremendous opportunity!

Sam had a great time at the junior seminar. Sam shared with me that the training helped him understand how to defend himself better. He also said that the drills they practiced would help him get out of a dangerous situation. Having an opportunity to see both the morning senior and the afternoon junior training sessions I witnessed Mr. Sanchez’s amazing ability to fine-tune and tailor the material to a completely different audience.

Again, it was a great pleasure for both us to attend the seminar!

Lexi (13 years old)

I liked the seminar because of the gun technique and the hands on stuff, like when we spun.

Budi Bahureksa

Mr. Sanchez gave one of the more practical seminar that I have attended and the lessons taught could very possibly save someone in the future if they are attacked. 

I’m grateful to be able to learn from different martial artists beauce each one offers specific lessons from their own martial arts and life journey. I learn from Mr Sanchez about the need to be aware of evil in the world that can invade our everyday lives. There is great importance for self care, personal health, and the application of martial art skills to be in a state of awarenessn so that you are not caught by surprise even when you are having fun. 

Gauge (8 years old)

I enjoyed the take-down moves and the t-shirt.

Xander (11 years old)

I think the seminar was great. Mr. Sanchez was an excellent teacher and he was funny too. I thought the seminar was a fun experience. 

I learned a lot from it and I think he did a great job informing us on the topic which was dealing with bullies. It told us how to try and disarm a fight with words and what to do if they headlock you or punch you. It was wonderful because it taught us what to do with a real fight.

Julie Terpstra

Mr. Ron Sanchez's seminar was enlightening towards the goals of self defense, both in the physical and spiritual. He presents himself as a realist, giving examples of predators, enemies, and other dangers, and then outlines for us a tactical and personal approach to achieve a favorable outcome for such hostile situations.

I really valued his experience in the field of law enforcement, and contemplated on his stories that he shared. His drills, and practice techniques, were practical and exciting. I am very grateful to have had the privilege of attending his seminar!

Emma  (13 years old)

Many of the things that Mr. Sanchez went over we’re interesting, although a few of them stood out to me the most. I learned important ways to tell if someone is about to attack me, like wether or not I could see their hands or if their shoulders were up. I liked how the seminar was very interactive and full of information. I am happy that I was able to go to Mr. Sanchez‘s  seminar.

Micah Terpstra  

Three things about Ron Sanchez's seminar: Great information, great instructor, great time!

Leah (15 years old)

Ron Sanchez's seminar, I found, was very interesting, interactive, and fun. There was a lot of information that was quite intriguing and helpful. Some of the activities that we did were different, from what I have done in the past, and because of that, it created a wonderful experience. The knowledge, experience, and know-how that Mr. Sanchez has is exceptional. I had a great time at the seminar! 

Hayden (13 years old)

I enjoyed the seminar. I liked that we talked about self defense and were able to work with guns. My favorite part was when we did the grab the nearest weapon and hide thing.

Rory (5 years old)

I liked it, I just liked it.

Amy Trujillo

The seminar was definitely memorable. Mr Sanchez brought knowledge from his own experience in his personal and professional life. The discussions were enlightening and very beneficial. 

I have worked in an Educational Setting for more than 16 years and have been contracted out to many school districts. Each school district holds a Lock-down differently. My major concern in the different schools was how the students were/are trained to respond in a lockdown situation; sit in a corner, away from windows and to be quiet. I understand some of it, but never wanted to be a sitting duck. Mr. Sanchez gave us knowledge and tips on how to better protect ourselves in situations like this. It was a 'duh' moment, but eye opening.

The rest of the seminar was just as impactful. Thank you Mr. Sanchez for coming to Tucson AZ! 

Kai (16 years old)

I enjoyed the practicality of the hands on drills. I also enjoyed the simulation of being dazed in a fight.

Isaac (8 years old)

The seminar was amazing. Mr Sanchez was great, he was an awsome teacher.

He taught us how to talk to bullies and try to not get in a fight, but if we had to get in a fight he taught us how to deal with a bully.

Mario Trujillo

Having trained in many different martial arts throughout my life, the things I look for when seeking such training is practicality, effectiveness, how well an instructor is able to convey and teach principles and techniques. Mr. Sanchez checked off all those boxes and many others in his seminar. 

Mr. Sanchez's real world experience in the self defense arena allows him to present a class to any audience of any age and skill level, and provide them with information and tactics that will help keep them safe. The discussion portion of his seminar is a fantastic compliment to the hands on drills as it allowed our students to explore many topics related to self defense which so many never considered, but are paramount in coming to terms with the reality of dangers we may encounter, and how to deal with them.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this seminar and be able to walk away with so many lessons learned from it, and would not hesitate to recommend his class to anyone who has the opportunity to attend it. Mr. Sanchez, a huge thank you and full salute to you sir, as I'm honored to have been able to share the mat with you and hope we are able to again.

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