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Portrait: Lineage


Over the years Ed Parker Jr. and Andrew Pilch have created various portraits for individuals. If the American Institute of Kenpo has access to one of the portraits, additional art prints can be created.

Mr. Pilch can combine portraits to make Lineage Art Prints. Please Contact AIK to determine if Mr. Pilch has access to the portraits needed to make your Lineage Art Print.

Specialized Art Printer

  • All Art Prints are made with a professional level art printer that replicates art 4800 x 2400 dots per inch with fine technology for incredible detail.

  • The uses of dye based inks alows for amazing gradients and color.

* Prices start at $20.00.

Initial Lineage Art Print Creation

  • $40.00 set up fee

  • The set up fee does not include the Art Print.

Additional Lineage Art Prints

Once a Lineage Art Print is completed, additional Lineage Art Prints can be purchased.

Size  -  Price

  • 8½" x 11"  -  $20.00

  • 13" x 19"  -  $100.00

Note: 13" x 19" prints include a backing board and protective cellophane bag.

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