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Symbol of Change (I-Ching)

The I Ching, or Classic of Changes, is an ancient text and one of the oldest Chinese classics that has inspired the Symbol of Change.


The three lines represent the stages of learning. The lowest line is the "embryonic" stage, the formation of the martial student. 


The second is the "mechanical" stage from which our flow is developed. 


The third, is the "sophisticated" stage where upon we begin to fully understand the movements' purpose and theme, and attempt to integrate these into our day to day living. 


Lastly, the open circle is the "enlightened" or "heavenly" stage, which convinces us once and for all that we are students forever. Information and skill will come to us from every direction, flow circularly throughout mind and body, and manifest itself as wisdom by teaching others. 


Relation To AIK

The I Ching, or Classic of Changes, is found on all AIK uniforms as a reminder to always be a student willing to learn, a teacher willing to share what has been learned, and a scholar willing to reevaluate what has been learned. Knowledge is infinite, never stop seeking. 

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