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Courtesy – is showing good manners, because acting respectfully toward others demonstrates and develops a mutual respect avowing civil and moral people to live in peace.

Symbolism In The Art Print

In the Courtesy Art Print, you will see a teapot and a cup with cherry blossoms in it.

The teapot and cup are in reference to the Japanese tea ceremony, called Chanoyu, or Sadou in Japanese. The tea ceremony is a choreographic ritual, both in preparation and in serving. Preparing tea in this ceremony takes all one's concentration and patience. During the ceremony, the host considers the guests with every movement and gesture. The refining efforts given to the ceremonial motions capture the very essence of courtesy. The whole process is not about mechanically drinking tea; rather, it is about an artistic and tasteful preparation of a bowl of tea from one's heart. It was for this reason that a teapot to represent courtesy in the Bushido art prints. 


The cup in the art print has a deeper meaning. The cherry blossom in the cup represents the fragility and the beauty of life. When interacting with others, especially those you care about, doing so in a courteous way will foster a good life. 


Courtesy  礼儀

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