Kenpo Karate

Whatever It Takes - Until The Last Day

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We teach a comprehensive system of modern self-defense and physical fitness. We offer programs appropriate for martial arts students of all ages and all fitness levels, designed to improve coordination, strength and flexibility. We offer both private and group instruction at our two locations in Tucson Arizona. We also serve the community with physical eduction and after school programs in numerous charter schools. In addition, we also host and are available for seminars, workshops and training camps. 

The American Institute of Kenpo is an organization founded by Shawn Knight and Andrew Pilch. We are dedicated to the development of character, confidence, physical well-being, and internal peace through the medium of the art of self-defense that we call Kenpo Karate. 

We are committed to maintaining the integrity and legacy of Kenpo Karate in the lineage of Sigung Stephen LaBounty. We are also guided by AIK's Masters Council consisting of: Bob White, John Sepulveda, Lee Wedlake, Mike Winkeljohn and Rebecca Knight. 

We encourage each student to travel the path of self-discovery as he or she internalizes the concepts, theories and principles of Kenpo Karate.

The System Is The Solution

“AIK is truly a group of men and women who wish to not only learn an art of self-defense, but to excel in it and meet the rank of Black Belt in their journey. The Association Board and Masters Council is dedicated to the same principle, which is to help AIK members along the way by giving them a complete, strong and inviting way for students to realize these goals, and they've had many years to develop the curriculum to do so.” - Sigung Stephen LaBounty

LAWS of the Scholar & Warrior

To bring balance to the physical lessons, we also teach a character development program called the LAWS of the Scholar / Warrior. Echoing the lessons of our mentor Lee A. W. Sprague. The program instills the values of truth, bravery, courtesy, compassion, sincerity, discernment and loyalty. Striving to always be protectors and to live with honor, whatever it takes - until the last day! 

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