"Perfect balance of strength development - mind, body, and heart. Very pleased a parent. My daughter looks forward to every class and speaks highly of all of her instructors." - Claudia Herman De Oliver

"My six year old has been attending AIK for two months. One day last month he arrived at the dojo after a difficult day at school and had pretty much made his mind up that he was not going to participate. Mrs. Knight skillfully listened to his thoughts and helped him work through his frustrations, eventually gaining his trust and participation. She is an exceptional motivator of children and teacher of martial arts. I highly recommend AIK as a caring and rigorous introduction to martial arts." - Kevin Foote

"Great people, with instructors who are always wanting you to succeed. I would highly recommend this place anytime." - Lisa Vega

"Mr. Pilch has spent his life becoming the martial artist that he is today. His strongest abilities are found in his service to his students. Not only is he highly skilled in Kenpo Karate, but also in kickboxing and MMA as well. He has trained my own son in kickboxing - which says everything about how much I trust and respect his coaching and fighting abilities! Although we are equals in the realm of Kenpo, in the world of kickboxing and MMA, I default to his expertise and experience." - Shawn Knight

"Nick is doing wonderful and really enjoying this place! Everyone is very kind and respectful. Thank you AIK!" - Sarah Noel Clark

"We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. and Mrs. Knight today and getting all set up to start classes on Saturday. My husband has never taken Kenpo though I was a student of Mr. Knight's for a while over ten years ago. I'm looking forward to sharing such an awesome experience with my husband, as well as getting back on track for my black belt. We were blown away by the genuine love and support that the Knight's show for any and all who wish to train at their school. They truly are phenomenal people and you won't be disappointed if you decide to start, or restart, your Kenpo journey with them. - Rach Zac 

"Izzy really likes learning new techniques and discipline that is taught here." - Ricardo Rodriguez 

"Instructors were great and dis so well with the kids. My boys had a blast." - Victoria Smart