Junior Kenpo Training Resources

The American Institute of Kenpo uses a hybrid rotational and progressional program to teach the Junior Kenpo students. Each level in the progression has 3 rotations. As the students complete each rotation they are promoted to the next rank. Once all rotations in a level are completed they progress to the next level.


Beginner Level

  • White Belts

  • Yellow Belts

  • Orange Belts


Intermediate Level

  • Purple Belts

  • Blue Belts

  • Green Belts


Advanced Level

  • 3rd Brown Belts

  • 2nd Brown Belts

  • 1st Brown Belts


The information taught in each level is taught over the course of the year. Click on the link below to see the information being taught each rotation. You can also access the manuals and video training resources by clicking the links below.