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American Institute of Kenpo Youth Black Belt Urn Artwork

AIK Youth Black Belts

For children 4-7, the Kenpo Youth Program teaches basic concepts of discipline, fair play, and personal safety in a setting of fun and challenging activities. Emphasis is placed on reinforcing the good habits of exercise and behavior, as well as teaching safety awareness. 

The students are given a simplified understanding of Kenpo skills that they can build upon as they move through the program. Students can set and achieve goals as they move through the charted belt system

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~ Last Updated 1/9/2023

AIK Direct Linage Recognition

All Students listed below are in the Direct Lineage of Andrew Pilch. This is in the Rough N’ Tumble lineage of Sigung Stephen LaBounty, the analytical analysis and practical application in the Tactical Combat lineage of Mike Winkeljohn, and the non destructive counterbalances in the Paxial Arts Lineage of Ed Parker (Jr.) as taught at The American Institiute of Kenpo.

(Bold) Has moved to the junior program and earned a Junior Black Belt.

If you attained your Black Belt directly under Mr. Pilch before AIK’s formation in 2005, (or you were omitted from our records by mistake) and you would like to have your rank recognized here, please email us so that we may honor your journey in Kenpo.

Youth Black Belts

A.J. Patalsky

Aaron Morgan

Alex Cayce
Alexander Langland
Anissa Aldecoa
Ava Lukavich
Ayah Elfaki

Brandon Sierra
Caden Pilch
Caleb Rasor
Cruze Horn
DaLon Florez

Dallas Gregory
Damion Morgen-Goetz
David George

Destan Florez

Devin Armstrong

Diego De La Torre

Easton Ortner

Elijah Stiggers
Ellee Bider
Ethan Cullumber
Evan Moody
Gracie Greve
Haily Andrew
Hunter Morelan

Jackson Solle
Jacob Haynie

Jet Dix
John Lukavich
Jolyon Burgos-DeStephanis

JJ Burruel
Kai Pilch
Kylee Connors

L. Ryles

Leo Que
Lexi Taylor

Nathan Decker

Nichole Chen
Patrick Sheeley

Riley Riggs
Roman Sandoval
Ryan Dowden-Love
Ryan Patalsky

Santiago Racina

Sean Dai
Sebastian De La Torre

Simon Bodrie

Slade Spencer

Theodore Gonzales
Trinity Pilch
Trinity Sheeley

Vincent William Klimowicz III

William Langland
William Moody

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