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American Institute of Kenpo Symbol of Change (I-Ching), 9th Degree Senior Black Belt.

Recognizing Senior Ranked Black Belts

The American Institiute of Kenpo likes to respectfully recognize and acknowledge the accomplishments of many senior black belts promotions that we have had the privilege to witness.

Mr. Duffy and Mr. Swan were promoted and recognized at The American Institiute of Kenpo's Tribute to Sigung Stephen LaBounty in December of 2018. We are privileged to celebrate and to honor the achievements of these two great leaders within Kenpo Karate. They are our elder brothers in the art, they were promoted by Sigung Stephen LaBounty, Mr. Bob White, Mr. John Sepulveda, Mr. Lee Wedlake. The American Institiute of Kenpo is forever grateful for the opportunity to host!

9th Degree Senior Black Belts
Masters of the Arts

Brian Duffy

Gary Swan

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