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American Institute of Kenpo Symbol of Change (I-Ching), 5th Degree Junior Black Belt.

AIK Direct Lineage Recognition

All Students listed below are in the Direct Lineage of Andrew Pilch. This is in the Rough N’ Tumble lineage of Sigung Stephen LaBounty, the analytical analysis and practical application in the Tactical Combat lineage of Mike Winkeljohn, and the non destructive counterbalances in the Paxial Arts Lineage of Ed Parker (Jr.) as taught at The American Institiute of Kenpo.

(*) Represents students who have achieved Youth Black Belt, and then went on to also achieve AIK Junior Black Belts status.  


(***) Has got on to achieve higher levels of black belt under the oversight of other qualified Kenpo instructors.

(Bold) Has moved to the adult program and earned a Senior Black Belt.


If you attained your Black Belt directly under Mr. Pilch before AIK’s formation in 2005, (or you were omitted from our records by mistake) and you would like to have your rank recognized here, please email us so that we may honor your journey in Kenpo.

5th Degree Junior Black Belts
Students of the Arts

Bronwin E. Chavez

Caden Pilch *

Hayden Trujillo

Joshua Burgos-DeStephanis

Kelsey Rose

Michelle Kalos

Trinity Pilch *

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