Santiago Racina

Leadership Information

Class Leader
2019 Started Leading

Record of Martial Rank

2022 Junior 2° Black Belt
2021 Junior 1° Black Belt
2017 Started Training

Instructor Bio

Santiago Racina began training at the American Institute of Kenpo when he was 6 years old. He has always excelled at and enjoyed classes in the youth program. Although it was more challenging, his excitement at participation and progression continued as he transitioned to the Junior program. Having to work harder to advance and overcoming new challenges helped to build his confidence.

Mr. Racina was thrilled when he was presented with an opportunity to begin the Leadership program. He enjoys working with the little dragons (youth ranks), and is a great example helping them quickly improve.

Karate was the only extracurricular activity that didn’t shut down due to the pandemic, and karate continues to be a stable, positive activity for him. Santiago has always excelled at the martial arts, and even though there were many road blocks and situations to overcome, he earned his first degree Junior Black Belt during the pandemic in 2021.

Mr. Racina is preparing for his second degree Junior Black Belt, and the American Institute of Kenpo is excited to watch him continue to learn and grow through the leadership program and as he develops into one of the exceptional future AIK instructors.

~Last Updated 3/7/2022