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Emma Villarreal

Leadership Information

Class Leader
2021 Started Leading

Record of Martial Rank

Target Date 2022  for Junior 1° Black Belt
2019 Started Training

Instructor Bio

Emma Villarreal began her Kenpo Karate training at AKKA USA when she was 10 years old, in the summer of 2019. After her first year of training, during the summer of 2020, Ms. Villarreal decided that the American Institute of Kenpo would be a better fit for her.

Though classes were initially limited to Zoom only, due the Covid pandemic, it was apparent to The American Institute of Kenpo that Ms. Villarreal, though young, was very talented. Her ability to grasp some of the more advanced concepts coupled with her physical dexterity to perform difficult movements made it evident that she was a naturally gifted martial artist.

It is extremely rare that a younger student receive an invitation to participate in the Leadership program prior to achieving their Junior Black Belt. However, due to her exceptional martial arts skill combined with her excellent manners and social skills, Ms. Villarreal received the invitation to participate in the Leadership program in October 2021 after earning her Junior 3rd Brown Belt.

Although relatively new to karate, it is clear that Emma loves the self-discipline, strength, and agility the Kenpo Karate training provides, and she loves sharing this knowledge with the younger students. We are eager to see her continue to train and develop into an even more exceptional Kenpoist as she matures.

The American Institute of Kenpo is excited to have Ms. Villarreal working towards becoming a part of the instructing staff.

~ Last Updated 1/5/2022

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