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Budi Bahureksa

Certified Instructor Information

Certified Assistant Class Instructor
2021 Started Teaching

Record of Martial Rank

2022 Senior 2° Black Belt
2020 Senior 1° Black Belt
1975 Started Training

Instructor Bio

Budi Bahureksa started training in 1975 in Kushin Ryu (a branch of Kyokushin in Southeast Asia). He spent 3 years studying Kushin Ryu.

In 2016, after taking 40 years away from studying the martial arts, Mr. Bahureksa joined the Japan Karate Association Western Federation America with the Shotokan school (dojo) in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In 2017, seeking a different style of martial arts to broaden his knowledge base, Mr. Bahureksa joined The American Institute of Kenpo.

Mr. Bahureksa continues to train and practice at both schools of martial arts. Mr. Pilch and the American Institute of Kenpo supports Mr. Bahureksa's endeavors in the Shotokan events, and other tournaments.

He has done well in traditional competitions achieving the following accolades:

November, 2018  USA Karate Tournament in Tucson AZ
Results:  1st place in Kata, 2nd place in Kumite

June, 2020  Promoted to 1st degree Black Belt in the American Kenpo (AIK)

June, 2021  National virtual JKA Shotokan Kata Tournament
Result:  1st place in Kata

November, 2021  USA Karate Tournament in Scottsdale AZ
Results:  1st place in Kumite, 2nd place in Kata

In 2021 he joined the Instructor team at The American Institute of Kenpo, and has started to participate in advanced sparring classes. In those classes Mr. Bahureksa has had the opportunity to get exposure to boxing, kickboxing, and even learn about Jiu-jitsu and MMA.

In May 2022, in addition to his rank with the American Institute of Kenpo, Mr. Bahureksa earned his Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) with the Japan Karate Association.

The American Institute of Kenpo is grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be a part of Mr. Bahureksa’s training as he continues to refine and develop his character to be the absolute best he can be. His example is one that stands out and can be held up as a standard for all students and black belts to strive for.

~ Last Updated 8/3/2022

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