The American Institute of Kenpo has an ongoing Leadership Training Program comprised of our most dedicated students ages 7-14. All Leaders must participate in the monthly two hour training class, and complete the requirements for certification level. Leaders are qualified (not required) to assist in the Youth (Ages 4-6) Classes. 


(Junior Level Class Assistant)

Aiden Ulitzsch

Anthony Flores

Danica Oliver

Diego Nolasco

Fiona Salgado

JamesDaniel Drinkwater

Jaxon Campanile

JD Ortiz

Kailey Reichardt

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Kaleb Hanna

Kaylie Nguyen

Kyree White

Launa Sigars

Leah Terpstra

Leif Terre

Luke Posey

Maggie Thomas

Micah Terpstra

Michelle Powers

Sara Zingg

Symmone Jackson

Whatever It Takes - Until The Last Day