Senior Training

For students 15 and older, the Kenpo Senior Program presents the American Institiute of Kenpo's complete system. Each rank level contains self-defense techniques, prescribed forms (sets & katas), and routines for development of basic Kenpo skills. Opportunities for sparring are provided to develop confidence and skill in a safe and controlled environment. 

The program emphasizes developing the total person - physical, mental, and emotional. Personal progress is monitored and encouraged through a clear and timely belt ranking system.



Senior Advanced 2

Leveraged Claw
Clashing Rage
Broken Palm
Grounded Ram

Chopping Horn
Eastern Thunder

Entwined Honor

Tripping Bear
Rotating Guard

Escaping Vice

Southern Eagles

Western Horn & Ram
Clashing Oak

Southern Oak

Counter Strike Form

Senior Black Belt

Rotation 2

1st - Twin Horse Form

2nd - Multi Strike Form - O

2nd - Two-Man Form (B) - E

3rd - Weapon Defense Form - O

3rd - Takedown Form - E

Whatever It Takes - Until The Last Day