Junior Training

For children 7-14, the Kenpo Junior Program is intended to give a solid immersion in self-defense as contained in the Kenpo style. The level of activity provides an appropriate challenge for this age group. Opportunities for mock combat through sparring are provided in a setting that stresses safety as the most important factor. 

In addition, each month, there is a theme for personal growth and development. These themes each have assignments for completion outside of the karate school. Students can earn recognition through our Scholar / Warrior Program while learning important life values such as integrity, courage, and discipline.


Jr Beg.png


Junior Beginner 3


Northern Eagles

Manual - Video

Southern Palms

Manual - Video

Shielding Ram

Resisting Surender

Leveraged Guard

Countering Death

Kick Set

Jr Int.png

Junior Intermediate 3

Ascending Talons

Manual - Video

Redirected Palms

Manual - Video

Rooted Ram

Redirected Lightning

Rotating Surrender

Rooted Bear

Rotating Death

Redirected Ram

Closed Hand Set

Jr Adv.png

Junior Advanced 3

Clashing Eagles

Manual - Video

Countering Talons

Manual - Video

Northern Ram

Leveraged Ram

Ascending Lightning

Rotating Bear

Resisting Guard

Avoiding Hawk

Block Punch Form

Jr Black.png

Junior Black Rotation 3:1

Dominating Eagles

Manual - Video

Rotating Ram

Leveraged Surrender

Crossed Death

Junior Black Rotation 3:2

Leveraged Talons

Manual - Video

Crushing Ram

Grounded Bear

Chopping Falcon

Junior Black Rotation 3:3

Circling Palms

Manual - Video

Echoed Lightning & Thunder

Escaping Guard

Tripping Ram

Big Charts Junior copy.png