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There are many charities out there that support many good causes. Here you will find charities and charity events hosted by AIK friends and family. 

For The Kids | March 26th, 2022

Bob and Barbara White are well respected member of the Kenpo community that have donated a tremendous amount of time and effort to help children. One of the ways they chose to do this is through hosting fundraisers for the Royal Family Kids.


Because of the Pandemic their fundraising efforts have been affected the last couple of years. This event like previous years is for abused and neglected children being helped by Royal Family Kids. We sincerely hope our community can support this event and come out to train with some of our very best teachers.


For anyone wishing to attend and support this amazing event, you can gather more information and register to attend at


For those unable to travel and support in person that still wish to support can reach out to to get more information. 

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