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We are proud to announce AIK's 2020 Annual Winter Training Camp via Zoom!


The $50 Kids camp fee includes 2 - one hour Seminars:

Saturday & Sunday December 5th & 6th, class times are 9:00am to 10:00am both days!



The $100 Adult camp fee includes 4 - two hour Seminars:

Saturday & Sunday December 5th and 6th, class times are 10:30am to 12:30pm, and 1:00pm to 3:00pm!


We are honored to have the Four Horsemen represented, with the LaBounty Lineage being echoed through all of his students!!!


Camp Instructors:

Bob & Barbara White

John Sepulveda

Lee Wedlake


Please contact us directly at 520-296-8484 with any questions that you may have!


As you know, Covid-19 has created a very difficult environment for martial arts schools to operate in. We very much appreciate your support of our event, and we need it (now) more than ever! 


If we have made a difference in your life, this may be the time that you can make a big difference in ours! Please join us for the camp or make a donation (of any amount) to our paypal account at 


We are so grateful for our Kenpo Family, and also for the opportunity to fight for our schools survival!


Whatever It Takes

Until The Last Day

Purchase your Kids Camp Tickets Here

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Whatever It Takes - Until The Last Day