Awards Banquet

The first weekend of each December, martial artists from across the country gather together for a weekend of training and celebration. After the first day of training and seminars an awards banquet to honor the superior efforts of students from each of our schools. It is our intention honor the dedication they have shown in their marital arts training and celebrate that achievement with family and friends. Our goal as AIK is to recruit, train and cultivate lifelong students of the art.


At our Banquet we will honor the efforts of those outstanding students. We have chosen 4 nominees from each of our AIK schools in the following categories:

Kenpo Youth Student of the Year

Kenpo Juniors Student of the Year

Junior Black Belt Student of the Year

Kenpo Seniors Student of the Year

Senior Black Belt of the Year

Junior Leader of the Year

Instructor of the Year

Family of the Year

Due to the current COVID-19 Restrictions we will be hosting our Annual Awards Ceremony via Youtube Video!

More information to follow...