A I K - P I L C H
Northwest Tucson & Oro Valley      Arizona     USA
7320 N. La Cholla Blvd. #164     Tucson, AZ 85741
520-744-9004     AIK-Pilch.com

Andrew Pilch has over 30 years in (and more importantly at) the art of Kenpo Karate.  Alongside his top-notch staff, they serve their students, whom they call “Kenpo Family”.

Contact or stop by the school and see for yourself!  Kenpo Karate is a great system and the values and benefits of training will become obvious from your very first class.  

We look forward to walking (and training) with you on your martial arts journey.  

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Testimonial from Mike Winkeljohn

Mr. Pilch has become an incredible practitioner in Kenpo and Kickboxing.  He is a great teacher and motivator.  His students are very talented and have attained a high level of competence.  His kickboxing team is the most talented in Arizona.  More importantly Mr. Pilch is a family man and role model who adheres to traditional values.  Mr. Pilch has contributed and given back to the Kenpo system, his students and instructors.


Mike Winkeljohn

Founder - Wink Tactical Striking

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