AIK Black Belts

Achieving a Black Belt is a monumental achievement to be certain! The American Institute of Kenpo provides the opportunity to achieve this goal within all three of our programs based upon age, ability and maturity within the art. The Kenpo Youth and Junior Black Belt levels provide sound basics and the fundamentals of the art for students of their age. The Senior Kenpo Black Belt levels deliver AIK's entire Kenpo System. The depth and scope of training (and maturity in rank) sets our Senior Black Belts on the path of permanent refinement, not only of themselves but also the art of Kenpo they are actively training.

This lists of AIK Family & Friends Black Belts recognizes all who have been promoted by us since the formation of AIK in 2005 (highest rank achieved).  If you attained your Black Belt directly under Mr. Knight or Mr. Pilch before AIK’s formation in 2005, (or you were omitted from our records by mistake) and you would like to have your rank recognized here, please email us so that we may honor your journey in Kenpo! 

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